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I'm glad you're here.

And thank you for following the link. As a token of my appreciation, I offer you this download for your free copy of my revolutionary guide…

The Genital Self-Exam

I know it sounds clinical -- like a sterile exam at the doctor’s office with feet in stirrups or a healthy cough, but I assure you it’s not!

The truth is, I couldn’t come up with a more clever name without making you feel duped.

Like… Investigate Your Private Area. Investigate? Like an episode of Inspector Gadget? And private area? Well… that could be anything!

Nope. They are your genitals. And this guide will teach you how to lock the door, grab a mirror and get comfortable (even if at first you’re crazy awkward) with yourself.

Because it’s the first step to enhance your relationship with your body…

… and is the foundation towards memorable orgasms.

And this guide has positively impacted so many of my amazing clients I want you to have it, too.

Take this female student, for example...

"As an expert, woman you know your S***! Your style of teaching is much needed. TRUST!!!"

S. P.
San Francisco, CA

Most people go their entire life without getting to know their own genitals. It’s tragic both sexually and health-wise.

Well, this guide is going to change that for you.

In this guide you will find:

  • A list of questions to ask yourself before, during and after your self-exam
  • The most comfortable positions to get the best view
  • Some specific things to look for and why
  • Permission to love your genitals
  • The health benefits of a genital self-exam
  • An outline for men and women to complete the exam



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I’m Dr. Lanae St.John. A board-certified sexologist, certified sex coach and lover of all things sex.

And I believe in giving you tools and resources to enjoy a healthy and vibrant sex life!

I do this by sharing anecdotal stories of my own life -- like growing up in a strict Catholic home -- with humor (because who doesn’t enjoy a good belly laugh… it makes any awkward situation easier to swallow -- pun intended… I told you I used humor)...

… and education. Like real education -- not just, hey I banged a bunch of folks so that makes me an "expert" now here's how to have awesome sex. Anyone who teaches a blow job class can call themselves an "educator". I'm the real deal.

In fact, I’ve been featured in -- Forbes, Ask Men, PopSugar, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, PopSugar, livestrong -- and many more.

And I’m here to share my enthusiasm for sex with you. And help you push past your own discomfort talking about it… acknowledge your own sexuality… and feel comfortable in your body so you can feel comfortable with someone else, if that's your thing.


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