Finally, a book for caring adults who crave a guide on how and when to start “The Talk”


The Five Building Blocks To Having “The Talk” With Your Kids

In this book, you’ll uncover how a historically awkward conversation can be easy to navigate… it doesn’t have to be weird or embarrassing.

With easy access to misinformation, your role as a parent is more important than ever. Discover how to be honest and open with your kids about their bodies, setting boundaries and more.

After reading this, you’ll know how to create a warm and nonjudgmental environment… free of guilt, shame and taboos.






"St.John wisely approaches the topic of the 'the sex talk' with the understanding that parents often need an education, too. Her work is sensitive, progressive, and highly readable."

Critic's Report
The Book Life Prize

"Impressively informative and 'real world practical' in scope, organization and presentation, "Read Me: A Parental Primer for "The Talk" is an ideal, effective, and thoroughly 'user friendly' instruction guide and manual for parent-child discussions about human relationships appropriate to every age of childhood."

Midwest Book Review
August 2019

"“... Dr. Lanae presents a path for parents to follow her sage advice, resulting in smarter, healthier and emotionally sophisticated adults from homes that thrive in openness, accurate information and holistic wellness. <...> I highly recommend this book as a necessary ingredient for raising happy, healthy children of all ages.”"

Patti Britton, PhD

This is not a book for you to read with your kids or give to them to read.

It’s a book for you… the parent or guardian, to get comfortable talking to your kids so you can raise emotionally mature adults.

Because, let’s be honest, knowing when to start this conversation is the hardest part…

… you don’t want your kids to know more than they need to. But what do they need to know and by when?

In this book, you’ll learn how to ease into the conversations… because it’s not just one talk and then it’s over.

It’s an on-going conversation… and you’ll discover that kids aren’t freaked out about “the talk” the way many adults are.

In fact...

… they’re often curious about something and as soon as they have an answer they’re ready to move on for a while.

This book is the first of it’s kind… full of real-life conversations and anecdotes from the author’s life.

If you don’t want to leave it up to your kids to find their own answers… answers full of myths and weird stories that are confusing…

Then this is the last book you’ll need…

"You helped me be more open with my son, and my husband about things that I couldn't talk about with them."

S. M. J
San Francisco

Picture of Dr. Lanae St.John. About Dr. Lanae St. John

Hi, I’m Dr. Lanae St.John. A board-certified educator, parent and relationship coach, and mother to two teenaged daughters.

Parenting can be tough at times, and if you’re like me, you’re worried about messing up your kids.

As a child and young adult, important information was withheld from me. And because of this, my confidence and decision-making suffered.

I made the decision that I didn’t want my daughters to be left in the dark, too…

… and I’ve found that being open and honest about this topic with my girls has given them a level of comfort, confidence and security that I never had. And it’s opened up the doors for communication going both ways.

It’s why I wrote this book.

In it, I combine education and entertainment (why not keep it light-hearted when possible), to help you move past the awkwardness of talking to your kids about “stuff”.

As both student and teacher, I hope my experiences will help you to feel comfortable communicating with your kids in a way that feels good for you.

Here’s to raising healthy, happy, confident kids.






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